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I Forgot to Memorize That.

We've all done it.

All of us except possibly Youngevity spokeswoman Marilu Henner, who's blessed with a perfect memory.

Something just slipped our minds.

Lost in the fog of yester-time. Even seconds ago.

What was it? Can't quite remember. It was something important. A dream. But what??

If it happens more and more frequently, maybe there's something going amiss.

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  1. My personal physician says to drink 2-3 liters of water a day. He told me that water keeps the tiny capillaries in the brain expanded, so blood can flow through them better. I do that.

Now, he just happens to be the finest of this generation, and that's not hyperbole. His peers think so as well. He's the Centenarian.

2. He also says for me to keep writing. Now, I'm 82 years old and still write from 7-13 full-length books every year, with zero of them ever being rejected by a publisher! So, when I say he's the Centenarian, you can believe that I know. Peerless!

3. But he swears that writing books (and websites and blogs) is better than any memory pill, and I believe him.

He's also a pilot like me, but not just any kind of pilot. He owns and flies, in the USA. a Russian Mig-21M, the two seater. I was so honored just to sit in one, many-many decades ago. Another story! And he flies a jet L-39 in air races. Fun guy!

Dr. Wallach of Youngevity is another sheer genius. His chosen field is Nutrition. He founded the Youngevity product line. He's my age, and my friend. He created Memory fx, just to prevent cognitive issues. I take it daily. So do the rest of our family of 5.

Years later, he came out with S.M.A.R.T. tablets, which are more potent, yet. We sell a lot of those.

And most recently, he devised SYNAPTIV tablets. I'll probably change, as soon as I run out of Memory fx.

Click the links and read the labels to see what's all in them.

Now, this ain't about me, or my physician friend, or my friend Dr. Wallach. It's really about extraordinary Memory, and I only use us as examples. At age 82, Dr. Wallach and I are getting up there in years, and our memory's just fine. He's highly active in business. Me too.

But we attend to our memory. We nurture it. And that's important.

Dr. Wallach takes Youngevity's SYNAPTIV and I take their Memory fx. (for now)

Guess what we recommend to you!

Your friends,

David and Carol Mitchell

13017 Trail Dust Ave.

San Diego, California 92129

858-538-2911  (and press the # key to ring right through to us)

HOT TIP:  We sell at Wholesale prices.  Plus, you can save 10% on shipping (above $75) and another 10% just for calling us, even to talk about kids or cats.

You get the products for 20% less than we pay for them! This is just our way of paying it forward.

We love doing that.

Well, it's more like 30% because we pay your sales tax for another 10% !

You get the products for much less than we pay for them for our family.

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