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How about that Blood Sugar?

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I recall when the threshold for Diabetes was 200, that is, with a blood sugar glycemic index of above 200, you had diabetes, and below, you didn't. They didn't have A1C at the time.

With the stroke of a pen, THEY lowered that to 120 and then to 100, and created a billion diabetics. And a trillion-dollar industry. Insulin, metformin, insulin pens, needles to prick the fingers, monitors to wear on the arms, and the list goes on and on.

Nice move!

Actually, it turns out that a high blood sugar level is hard on the kidneys, the liver, the heart, etc., leading slowly to diseases of all those organs.

Yes, I finally admit it. It's important to keep your glycemic index down, and your A1C down to safe levels.

Not too low! That leads to a diabetic coma.

Dr. Wallach of Youngevity created the Healthy Blood Sugar Pak just for this reason. It adds Sweet-Eze to the Healthy Body Start Pak, as its "secret sauce". And we Guarantee it Forever, if we sell it to you.

We also carry the more powerful Youngevity product, Glucogenix. It has most of what Sweet-Eze contains, and a bunch more.

My sister-in-law has what they call "fragile blood sugar." They don't know why, but sometimes it will soar and sometimes it will plummet, for almost no apparent reason. So, she carries candy and insulin at all times. She has to be very careful with what she eats, obviously.

Speaking of that, there's no real reason we need carbohydrates at all! They metabolize very fast in the body, releasing high amounts of glucose (blood sugar) into the blood. The pancreas has to react quickly and surge to release enough insulin to counteract this. And after a while, the cells become more and more resistant to pancreatic insulin. So, the pancreas reacts by producing more insulin, until it's exhausted.

That's when diabetes sets in.

Fats and proteins metabolize into glucose much more slowly, and the pancreas doesn't have to work nearly as hard. But they do it, so we don't need carbs.

That's why drinking a 6-pak of Coke can cause you to have severe problems. (And diet drinks almost uniformly have cancer-causing sweeteners.)

Some new diet exceptions are: Zevia Soda, AlluSoda, Virgil's Soda, and Green Cola.

Monkfrult, Stevia, and Erythritol are safe sweeteners. Nutrisweet, Saccharin, Sucralose, Aspertame and the rest allegedly cause cancer in rats. Did I miss one? I think not. Tell me, if I did.

That's why you should NOT drink a 6-pak of Coke, no matter how hot it is outside.

In fact, as I wrote above, there's no real reason we need carbohydrates at all. We can get along just great on fats and proteins. In fact, we can do much better on a high protein/fat and low/no carb diet!

Avacado, eggs and salmon with salt and lemon! Yum!

That's what I do. and have done for half a decade. I feel wonderful!

By the way, the FDA has recently debunked their stand on salt. One old study said that salt raised the blood pressure of people with extreme blood pressure, a statistically insignificant amount. They couldn't repeat the results, but the blamed salt for the rest of us anyhow!

Dr. Wallach has always said, "Salt to taste. Don't restrict salt. We need it (NaCl) to produce stomache acid (Hcl) for good digestion."

We are: David and Carol Mitchell, Master Nutritionists

13017 Trail Dust Ave.

San Diego, California 92129

858-538-2911 and press # to bypass our spam filter.

TIP: We believe so strongly in these Youngevity products that we offer a 100% FOREVER guarantee.  We also award Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more.

If you want to phone us, for anything, we give you a total of 10% total off your order.

Thus, you get the products for 20% less than we pay for them! That’s okay; we love to pay it forward.

Well, it's more like 30% because we pay your sales tax too!

That's a lot cheaper than we pay to buy them for our family.

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