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Youngevity DM1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) 2.5 Canister

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Personal Review

Yumm!  They say this tastes like tropical tangerine, but to me, it is a perfect apricot. Much improved over the original and 2.0 versions. Some in my family like the others better.


It has added methuylfolate for those who have trouble metabolizing folic acid.  It also has added beet powder for the heart muscle.


NOTE: This item is a component of numerous 2.5 Healthy Paks.  It's more cost-effective to buy it in bulk, than individually in the Paks.  Save some money!  The 6x is best.  That's what we do.


Youngevity's Description

Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) 2.5 Canister


Give your body a tasty boost of essential nutrients with Youngevity’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.5 vitamin powder!


This buyer-favorite multi-vitamin mineral complex contains the whole foods, trace minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and amino acids your body needs to thrive.


Plus, you get synergizing nutrients that help ensure maximum absorption in your body. With an ORAC Score (antioxidant capacity) of 8,000 per serving, you get even more antioxidants to combat free radicals and support your overall health.


Enjoy a 30-day supply with each container!


Beyond Tangy Tangerine is part of our 90 For LifeTM Healthy Body System. Click the link to learn more about Dr. Wallach’s groundbreaking nutrition research and how you can use this program to support your overall health!


Youngevity DM1 Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) 2.5 Canister

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