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Christine Wright lives to preach but builds new houses to live. 


When she's disabled in an explosion, God directs her to Billingman, the town of a cricket infestation, to build a church.  But first, she has to recover.


Jerry Plutus was terribly bullied at Billingham High School and moved to the big city with $72, intent on making his fortune, under a false name.  Over two decades, and through crime and graft, he became very wealthy.  To escape the mob, he murders a homeless engineer and stages a huge house explosion to fake his death.


That explosion what what cost Christine her ability as a General Contractor.  Neither Jerry, nor Christine know that tidbit.


Jerry returns to Billingham and re-assumes his old name.  Jerry's money lands him on the board at the church of his worst enemy in Billingham, whom he gets sacked.  


God puts Jerry and Christine squarely in each others' paths. Needing a new pastor, the board comes upon Christine,  who they try out as a pastor, and hire immediately.


Christine is without compromise.  So's Jerry.  But neither knows about the other -- yet.


Christine and Jerry meet again in the sequels:





DM1 To Chase The Wind

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