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Three of our thousands of testamonials:


"When I went to the grocery store, I used to use one of those electric carts, and my son would pull products off the shelfs into the cart for me.  You see, I just couldn't walk the store.


"Then I got a Healthy Body Start Pak from Youngevity and started taking it.  I went back to the store and started pushing one of those grocery carts around.  Then I went up to the cashier and I realized that I'd been walking the store for 30 minutes!


"And David, I'd only been taking these products for four days!

"Ila, Laramie, Wyoming"



"I searched diligently for 20+ years to find something that would help my back pain and pain in my joints,  Then I stumbled on Youngevity and tried the Healthy Body Start Pak.  In about three days, my pain was 90% gone! 


"And then, I ran out, and the pain returned.  I got some more and the pain went away 100%.  Now years later I'm completely sold on these Youngevity products, the Tangy Tangerine, the Osteo fx, and the EFAs.  Some other things too."

"Mark, Sioux City, Iowa"



"This product was recommended by a friend. after I told her I couldn’t run anymore because my knees hurt and I sound like a tin can.


"After taking Gluco-Gel everyday I tested it.


"I can run, sprint, climb and it’s a miracle! I can jump rope and lunge without pain or discomfort.


"It truly saved my knees!  The Dr. Wallach’s products our outstanding and the best! I highly recommend themThank you.






My wife has had four eminent Doctors tell her that if she hadn't been taking these (Youngevity) food supplements, she'd be long dead by now.


I'm 82 and still write 7-12 full length books a year.  She swears I'm 52 goin' on 83!  That's me flying the paraglider having the time of my life!  It's the Youngevity supplements.  Thanks, Dr. Wallach.

David in San Diego, California


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