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Kaveh is the surgically created double for the son of his adopted father Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  This really occurred.


Disenchanted, Kaveh adopts Christianity in his overwhelmingly Muslim nation.  Fleeing Baghdad in a hail of bullets, his debauched brother shooting most of them, Kaveh overturns his big Caddy and ruptures the gasoline tank.  There's a sewer manhole cover.  A tire iron in the sprung-open trunk.  He sets a fire and dives.  A perilous chase through the very bowels of Baghdad.


Finally arriving in the USA via Europe and Canada, he's teaching Judo and chess to inner city kids, two of whom wants him to meet 'Auntie Dahra'.  This strange beauty loves to endurance-race Mustangs.  Owns one by tweaked by Kenny Brown that's so hot it's barely roadable.


It's her!  Kaveh has seen her captivating black eyes and dark hair in his dreams for a decade!  And he courts her.  She finally warms to his powerful personality.


He calls home to tell his father, who begs him to return to Baghdad and rule, but he'd be a Christian ruling a Muslim nation.  It's a trick; Saddam wants him dead.  It would be equally dire for Dahra.  (These were true events.)


The very next day, all their accounts are frozen and the police are hounding them.  Chasing them across the USA, accusing them of spreading a computer virus, that's devastating the USA military, masking nuclear clouds. 


It was the doing of Kaveh's brother who wants war.  Before all's over, Iraq and the USA are deep into "nukesmanship" and minutes from national death.

DM1 SLEEP SMILING while the world burns

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