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Fact, not fiction.  This book is Life -- Yours.


"This is not a book you can put down easily."  Our lastest purchaser.


Doctors, giants of industry, top athletes, why do they die about two generations earlier than couch potatoes?


Forbes Magazine disclosed this fact, years ago, shaking the world.


A few years later, they wrote again, and longevity was dramatically worse!  Now that REALLY caused an influential stir.


Not much later, they published the researched reason.  Wealthy people could afford private gyms and gym memberships.  They began exercising much more, and sweating out the minerals in their bodies much more.  That lack of minerals was killing them earlier!


Now, don't get me wrong.  Exercise is great, but the loss of minerals is not.  Dr. Wallach says that "Exercise without supplementation is suicide."


The answer to this dilemma is simple:  replace the minerals with food supplementation!  And now, Forbes reports that longevity among the wealthy is increasing dramatically!


You don't have to be wealthy.  Supplements are gently priced, compared to illness!  And we help.


Nutrition Revolution discloses the real reasons allopathic medicine has failed the USA, and the reasons we've fallen from 1 in longevity when I was born to about #45 and worsening.


Better, it tells how you can stop that decrease in longevity for your personal family.  It's what you don't eat that's killing you slowly.


Primarily, the cause is a lack of mineral content in our terribly depleted farm soils, and thus the plants, animals and humans who depend on those soils.


Minerals must be created in the sun and stars.  Well, at a megabuck per ounce in a atomic pile.  But frugal farmers can't afford to broadcast them over their thousands of acres.


Spoiler alert:  The only sane answer to this dilemma is food supplementation.  But not just any food supplementation.  Most of the supplements out there do you very little good.  Some are much better.  The book explains how to tell.  And it's not just the labels.


You can grow your own veggies on your concrete patio!  The book shows you how, with vertical gardens you can shield from pests, without pesticides. 


Now there, you can afford to put minerals back in the soil.  Tomatoes no longer taste like water, for instance.  Hooray!


But the health benefits are Enormous.

DM1 Nutrition Revolution

  • Forever, we promise your money back, including shipping both ways.

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