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The dream of nations. USA to Tokyo, Moscow, London, Beijing or Paris in less time than it takes to drive across such cities. Some countries would go to war to have Mach-6 technology.


Nearly everyone in Mach-6 is a spy. Crack CIA officers, Ian and Vicki Utz are also top USAF pilots. They came much too close to a shadowy group of conspirators whose tentacles interweave the top levels of most major governments. The group decides that diverting them to an impossible, career-ending project, Mach-6 is safer than assassination, for now.


Meanwhile, CIA agent Oliver Bakker finds himself well-framed for murdering his best friend. If he defendes himself, governments will fall. He would not survive a month in prison. He escapes and fakes suicide just before he is acquitted. At least, he can operate more freely.


Never discount Yankee ingenuity. the 'Spectre' aircraft seems to be on the verge of success, infuriating the conspirators. It will usher in a multi-trillion dollar industry they must control, or destroy. They have the potency to do so, using nukes on US soil if necessary. It's Vicki's job to out-think them and thwart their spies lodged deep in her camp, spies reporting her every move.


Spies have families too. They have mortgages, attend church and hang out with their friends, whom they hope won't find out they are spies. Ian and Vicki are devoted to their children and to each other. Don't come between them and their loved ones. The conspirators continually try.


Will David Mitchell writes clean novels. You can give Mach-6 to a child, your mom or your pastor without embarrassment. Devoid of explicit language or sex, you'll find Mach-6 all the better. Oh, the massive conflict is there. It's just that private things remain private.


If you're a spy or have been, if you've worked at super-secret Area-51, if you've been privy to boardroom decisions in a top secret project, or if you've enjoyed the sweet romance of the century, then you may find Mach-6 eerily familiar. This is a wild romp into those turbulent worlds, where some things are as them seem. Spies never seem to know which.


The author maintains websites for his characters and answers all email himself.


Sequel to 



KIDNAPPED on the 4th of JULY

Prequel to

THE MAIYAN series of 5 books


DM1 Mach-6

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