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The DM1 Newsletter.


Kudos and many thanks to Ralph and to Rudan, for requesting this website.  I enjoy building it.


And to Bill, our friend, our CIO, our CISO, and the most Certified computer scientist in the whole USA.

When done this month (2/23) it'll contain all the Youngevity products we enjoy and recommend.  We do sell them all, even if not listed here.

This site is new.  Right now, we're focusing on presenting the core items, Tangy Tangerine, EFA, Osteo-fx, Start Paks, and the like, as well as some of the funner items like Beverages and Chocolate.

Just so you know:

  • We are not Youngevity.  That company is contractually, officially barred from selling to the public.

  • We sell at wholesale. 

  • And we are paying for your shipping, personally. 

  • And we Guarantee everything we sell, 100% Forever, with No time limits.

  • And we try mightily to adhere to the book we wrote, "Getting To Ten -- Superlativity in Customer Service."

  • And we write lots of books, 77 at last count.

It's the right way to do business, for the right reasons.


We dedicate this site and its knowledge to the pioneering wisdom of our fine friends, Dr. Joel Wallach, to his wonderful wife Dr. Ma Lan, and to Dr. Peter Glidden, as well to Steve Wallach, Youngevity CEO.

We get to visit Youngevity headquarters about 2-4 times a week.  It's a big, magical place full of happy, courteous folks.  We'll happily  take you on a tour if you're in the area.

And happily, the weather is getting really pleasant in San Diego!



Finished and published our latest novel, "Maiyan Deliverance".  Having nothing to do with the Maiyans of South America, it's the 5th in its series about an astronaut nation deep in the sun's asteroid belt.  It's not science fiction nearly as much as today's science projected into the future. A clean thriller with twists and turns, and cleverness to amaze you.  I like it.


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