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Youngevity DM1 Triple Truffel Chocolate

Free Shipping, Forever Guarantee

Excellent 15% discount if you buy 3 or more.  It's the shipping.

(Order between October and June)


Youngevity's Description

Youngevity Triple Chocolate gives you every bit of indulgence without any bit of guilt. We've combined antioxidant rich dark chocolate with high-quality ingredients to create nutrient-dense, delectable squares and truffles.


And each chocolate treat offers a uniquely delicious and satisfying experience. Better health never tasted so good!


Please note chocolate is a seasonal item and may not always be available during the spring or summer.


Additionally, ALL sales on food and perishable items, including chocolate, are non-refundable.


(That's Youngevity. We guarantee everything forever.)


Youngevity DM1 Triple Truffel Chocolate

SKU: 241200
53,04$ Precio
43,99$Precio de oferta
  • Triple Truffel Dark Chocolate

    With probiotics to improve digestion.  Taste is Fantastic.  This is real cocoa dark chocolate, not adulterated with that paraphin substitute.

    It includes blueberries!

    TIP: Youngevity does NOT give any guarantee on this.  We guarantee it forever. 

    Youngevity might have overbought, because they're giving it out free at Headquarters, and discounting it in those triple boxes.

    Free shipping, but not in an ice-filled container.  And Youngevity won't let us have any to sell when it gets warmer outside.  Bummer.

    Not to upsell, but these will disappear very soon.  Until next November.

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