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Youngevity DM1 Healthy Body Start Pak with Tablets

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Personal Review:

ORAC is the measure of Anti-Oxidant activity. The BTT 2.0 tablets in this pack have a whopping score of 160,000, the highest we've ever seen, by far.  That alone makes this pak special.  I'd take it, except that I also want the Cell Shield added to the Anti-Aging Pak.  This one is truly outstanding, though.  Actually, in effect, I do take this one; I buy the components in bulk because they're cheaper that way, adding the Cell Shield.


Youngevity's Description:

Healthy Body Start Pak with Tablets


The Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 provides your body with the 90 essential nutrients needed for optimal health and includes the easy-to-take BTT 2.0 Tablets. This Pak includes:

Youngevity DM1 Healthy Body Start Pak with Tablets

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  • To my mind, this is the best of the Healthy Body Start Paks. 

    In the first place, Liquid Osteo-fx is better absorbed into the body than Powder, but that assertation is not backed by research.

    But in the second place, and I think this is crucial, the BTT 2.0 tablets are quite superior to any of the powders, because they sport about 20 times as much inflation fighting ORAC value.  The powders are very good at 6,000 (original) and 8,000 (2.0 and 2.5) but the 2.0 tablets are 160,000.  

    In the third place, this pak is a little cheaper, at $136.95.  I like that!

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