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Youngevity DM1 Beyond Osteo-fx Powder

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Our bodies need about 1,200 mg (milligrams) of Calcium per 100 pounds of body weight each day. 


Youngevity's Description

Beyond Osteo-fx Powder


Calcium pills are available in the drug stores, but they are CaCO3, from limestone or coral, or dolemite, and there's a big problem.  Our bodies can only absorb about 3-5%.  So to get 1,200 mgs of calcium from them, you'd have to eat a gut-busting 20-33 pills, and only about 500 mg of calcium can be absorbed at a time.


The problem is particle size.  To make these pills, they grind up the dolemite or coral as fine as mankind possibly can, and press the rock flour into pills.  But the particles are about 1,000 times the size of a human cell, and no cell wants them.


Oh, the second problem.  Those particles carry the same electrical charge as the cells, so the cells repel them.


Eat Lots of dairy products.  But, that can stop you up.


Let's look at the dragon-slayer, Osteo-fx.  Osteo-fx contains particles derived from plants.  The plant roots take up the calcium from rocks and soil and transform that calcium into colloids.  These are about 6,000 times Smaller than human cells, and can enter!


Moreover, the colloids have Opposite electrical charges from the cells, so the cells attract them!


In this "Best of All Worlds" scenerio, the cells absorb about 95-97% of the calcium, instead of 3-5%.


And Calcium is absolutely vital to muscles, including the heart.


Some have turn to clelated calcium.  They bind the calcium ions to other molecules which the cells do like.  Well, hooray.  That results in a product that's about 35% bioavailable, instead of 95%. 


An improvement, but personally, I don't think it's enough when Osteo-fx is out there at 95% plus.  Dr. Wallach, Dr. Glidden, Dr. Ma Lan, and many others agree.


Beyond Osteo-fx contains many co-factors to help our bodies absorb calcium and reduce inflammation in joints.  These include: Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Boron, Strontium, Glucosamine, and MSM.  The latter is methylsulfonylmethane.  It is powerful against inflammation.


Osteo-fx also comes in Liquid form, which is more absorbable, and in single serving tubes of powder.  Those are very convenient for traveling and at the office.


Canisters are also available in bulk with huge discounts due to shipping. 

These are based on wholesale prices to you.

1 - $55.99     (retail is $78.50 when you include shipping)

2 - $92.95     = 14% off

3 - $141.95   = 21% off

6 - $246.96  = 26% off   or $89 off,  vs. buying single canisters.

Youngevity DM1 Beyond Osteo-fx Powder

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  • Youngevity's Description:

    With bone and joint health becoming an increasing concern for many adults, Beyond Osteo FX powder was formulated to help support optimal bone and joint health.

    It supplies you with more than the daily recommended intake of calcium, along with nutrients that enhance calcium absorption by the body.

    Who it’s for:  Anyone seeking nutritional support for optimal bone and joint health.   

    What it does:  Supplies more than the daily recommended intake of calcium, along with nutrients that enhance calcium absorption by the body.   

    What sets this product apart? 

    Unlike similar products that contain only one ingredient, Beyond Osteo FX™ combines several nutrients that increase calcium absorption in the body. It also exceeds the daily recommended intake of calcium.  

    Main Products/Benefits  



    Vitamin D3 

    A deficiency of vitamin D3 has been linked to increased susceptibility to bone and joint inflammation and related conditions. 1 


    Essential for supporting optimal bone and joint health.2 


    Necessary for the body to adequately absorb calcium, which is essential for optimal bone and joint health. 3 

    Zinc (from zinc gluconate)  

    Helps in reconstruction of bone when bone loss occurs. 4  


    An essential trace mineral that has been found to play an important role in bone health maintenance. 5 


    Thought to be a safe and effective treatment for bone and joint pain, and related conditions. 6 

    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 

    Studies show it significantly reduces inflammation in the body. 7 

    Glucosamine HCI (from vegetable)  

    Demonstrates a significant anti-inflammatory impact when was applied to cells involved in bone formation.8 


    Shows evidence of increasing bone density. 9 

    Instructions for Use 

    Adult: Mix 1 scoop in water/juice per 100 lbs. of body weight one to two times daily. 

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