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100% Guarantee Forever
and Free Shipping

Yes, Forever Guarantee and Free Shipping

Shipping is so expensive these days.  We SHIP FREE to

save you the money. 


Our shipping costs (paid with our checkbook) are zero to you. Thats far less than the 10% you'd have to pay for other places!


And if you ever have to return something, we'll even pay for you to ship it back.

Return & Exchange Policy

It's simple and it's complicated -- we're not.

We offer a 100% FOREVER GUARANTEE. 


Even our heirs must promise to honor it.  If you want to return an item 20 years from now, that's fine with us, and we'll send you your money right back.  Really!  So frame those receipts, because obviously this applies only to what WE sell.

Nobody else in the industry offers such a guarantee, to our knowledge.  We have more than one sales outlet so if you find another, it's probably us. 

Even Youngevity only offers a 30 day guarantee. 


We know you've lived all your life in your body, and it just might take you 30-60-90 days or more to see great results.  Some people see astounding results in a day or a week.  It sorta depends on the ailment, doesn't it?

So, we support you fully with a FOREVER GUARANTEE.  Nobody can claim medical results -- not even a physician can legally do that -- but our Forever Guarantee is a bit better. 


Whenever did a doctor give you $14,000 or even $20 back because the treatment didn't work?  Never happened to me!

So our 100% FOREVER GUARANTEE is much superior. 


Enjoy the freedom of trying something and being able to get your money back anytime.

Your friends,

David and Carol

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